Shanghai 4Space Digital Graphic Co.,LTD. specializes in graphic
design and production,packaging printing, and pre-press, printing,
and post-press of publications. It serves the fields of cultural
publications, advertising media, businessnews, and modern
design. Using the world's most advanced software and hardware,
4Space provides clients in China and overseas with extremely
fast, high-quality design and production, bringing them a one-stop,
eco-friendly printing service for calendars, planners, spiral books,
notebooks, notepads, andchildren's books

    Anhui 4Space Digital Graphic Co., LTD. specializes in the
design and production of cultural and creative products
including gift roll wrap, gift cards, gift bags. We are
dedicated to constant innovation and the continuous
improvement of product design and quality.


Shanghai Facility

Anhui Facility 










Professional Desigan Team

Advanced Printing Equipment

Intelligent Logistics System

The world's Most Advanced High-speed Web Press

Komori        1 Set              Goss             1 Set
Mitsubishi    1 Set             SetAkiyama       1 Set

Mitsubishi Offset Printing Machine  2 Sets
Komori Offset Printing Machine       2 Sets

High-speed Automatic Saddle Stitch lines   5 Sets
Automatic Perfect Binding line                     1 Set

Automatic Die Cutting machine
Automatic Laminating machine


4Space Media: Committed to creating the
world's largest center for the creation of
cultural and creative products

     At 4Space, what we care about most is the creative process. We study, assimilate, and adopt the creative methods that suit consumers best , which combined with current market trends, has made us an innovator in this field.
    We work closely with designers, buyers, supply partners and sales personnel to provide suitable designs at a reasonable price. We promise that every item undergoes rigorous quality control procedures to make your product even more outstanding!

—Foreign culture and creative market

    The company has already earned international recognition
from partners like Disney, Walmart, and Target, and will be
​working with globally-renowned companies to create the
Cultural & Creative Base Project. We have been vigorous in
promoting eco-friendly design,  popularizing service design,
helping elevate the concept of interactive design and bring
more innovation to its methods, introducing more innovation
to advertising, achieving the transformation and upgrading
of cultural products, and optimizing theproduction structure
in order to become an international center for the production
of cultural and creative consumer products.

We have been certified by a number of international audits:

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